MRCL is focused on keeping the highest standard for quality of services.


We offer wellsite geological supervision of vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, along with core description and cutting sample studies. Over the years, we have supervised extensive deep basin wells, and drilled many complex geologic structures in the foothills. In addition to conventional wells, MRCL can provide geologic supervision of Heavy Oil, SAGD, Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas wells.

Our consultants have excellent working knowledge of directional drilling, MWD tools (EM and Mud-pulse) and by using latest drilling and geo-steering technology, we can maximize pay-zone for our clients.


Our consultants meet with you, go over area geology and the drilling plan. Study core, off-sets and develop a thorough understanding of the project geology prior to drilling. Having a good understanding of the play and your drilling goals, helps us maximize the pay-zone while keeping it cost-effective for you. We can also order sample bags & vials, arrange for gas detection, sample catching and sample washing equipment.


We provide thorough and timely field reporting, which includes daily morning reports and periodic drilling updates through-out the day. Along with a comprehensive Striplog, we build a geologic structure model from the data collected in the field and keep it up-to-date. Our consultants concentrate on providing excellent communication between office and on-site directional drilling staff and make strong fact-based steering recommendations through-out the drilling process.


MRCL supplies high-quality Comprehensive Well Reports (Digital Format and Paper Copies) and will meet your data requirements. We also provide Data Files and drill cuttings for submission to government regulatory departments when required.


We realize the importance of on-site geo-steering and as a result, MRCL is proud to offer on-site geo-steering as part of our standard geological supervision. Our consultants use Rogii Starsteer to build an accurate geologic structural model, by implementing geologic information gathered while drilling. The combination of MWD logs, ROP and mud-gas data, and drill-cutting samples collected while drilling creates a very powerful tool, which allows us to pinpoint the drill-bit’s location in the stratigraphic unit. Therefore, we can to help you place the wellbore in the optimal location. The extra time and effort pays off by being able to provide you with fact-based suggestions and projections, while being able to present the structure visually, which helps to keep Geologists, Engineers and Directional Drillers in the loop. On-site geo-steering has proven to cut down decision-making time, costs, and maximize reservoir contact. MRCL continues to implement the latest technology at the well-site.



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