We realize the importance of safety, productivity and cost-saving, therefore, MRCL is proud to offer remote geo-steering service globally, as part of our geological services.

Our consultants remotely watch and geo-steer your wells using Rogii Starsteer by building an accurate geologic structural model, using the geologic information gathered live while drilling. The combination of MWD logs, ROP and mud-gas data collected while drilling creates a very powerful tool, which allows us to pinpoint the drill-bit’s location in the stratigraphic unit. Therefore, we can to help you place the wellbore in the optimal location.

We are able to provide you with fact-based suggestions and projections, while being able to present the structure visually, which helps to keep Geologists, Engineers and Directional Drillers in the loop. Remote geo-steering has proven to cut down decision-making time, costs, and maximize reservoir contact. MRCL continues to implement the latest technology, remotely and at the well-site.

Our remote geo-steering office is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we offer 24 hour remote geo-steering solutions globally.

Please contact us via phone +1-403-850-8451 or fill out the contact form below to get a response within 30 minutes.

Remote Geosteering Service